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HPT competencies mirror Social Media management competencies?

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Check out this list of competencies for an HPT professional as listed in the HPI Essentials book (by ASTD press): Analysis Skill Business Knowledge Change Management Skill Facilitation Skill HPI Understanding Influencing Skill Project Management Skill Questioning Skill Relationship-Building Skill … Continue reading

We need a root cause analysis of the gender in IT problem

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The statistics speak for themselves. 24% of professional IT jobs are held by women, even though 57% of professional jobs are held by women In 2008, 56% of all AP test-takers were female, 51% who took the calculus AP test … Continue reading

Fall Semester Starts Tomorrow

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Fall semester starts tomorrow. Part of me is anxious, mostly because I am already so busy I’m not sure what my class load is going to do to my life. But the other part of me is really excited. I … Continue reading