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Blogging my homework: Teaching IT should not be gendered

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This is cross-posted from my class response on Blackboard to the reading Not just a dollhouse: what The Sims2 can teach us about women’s IT learning. I tried to keep an open mind as I read this article. I really … Continue reading

Blogging My Homework: Embracing Interactivity

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This week in my Multi-Media class we started reading Learning Online with Games, Simulations, and Virtual Worlds by Clark Aldrich. This will mean much complaining about Second Life in my tweet-stream soon, as we will have an assignment based on … Continue reading

Blogging my homework: Podcast Pedagogy

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NOTE: this post is copied and pasted directly from a Blackboard post I made. We were asked to tie what we know about how people learn with how podcasts might be designed. I think any podcasting pedagogy has to be … Continue reading

Blogging my homework: Timeline – To which generation do the first digital natives belong?

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Since I’m way behind, I’m just going to copy and paste my paper (lame, I know!). Here’s the link to my timeline.  I got the idea from the latest issue of EMC On magazine (I blogged about that here). Here’s … Continue reading

Instructional Design Books I’ve read for my IS degree

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Cammy Bean started me thinking about the books I’ve kept from my IS program over in her thread What is Instructional Design? Since I am slacking this morning – totally delaying starting my homework and work – I thought I’d … Continue reading

Blogging my homework – my first movie!

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This semester I’m taking a course named Multi-Media Design and Development. Our first assignment is due tomorrow, we had to do design a lesson using a free, online animation tool. My lesson is on adding tags to community generated content. … Continue reading

My last semester starts today!

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My last semester starts today, and its going to be a doozy! I’m taking one class: Multimedia Design and Development. I think its going to be about designing learning games based on the books we have. I even created a … Continue reading

Rummler Report

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I’ve been talking at #lrnchat about our report on Geary Rummler. Its 90% done, so I posted it on slideshare. We have to fix a couple of things, the biggest one is our citation page. Please bear in mind the … Continue reading

Working on a report on Geary Rummler

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My partner and I are doing an oral report on Geary Rummler. Remember, I am in a 100% distance program, so this should be interesting. Actually, lots of what I do and consume at work is 100% distance. I found … Continue reading

If the world is changing, why am I studying about the guys that sent us down the wrong path?

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Weird blog post title right? I’m taking two performance courses this semester. In one of the courses we are studying the origins of Human Performance Technology (HPT). I’ve been blogging that homework (see here , here, and here). As I’ve … Continue reading