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Blogging my homework: Teaching IT should not be gendered

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This is cross-posted from my class response on Blackboard to the reading Not just a dollhouse: what The Sims2 can teach us about women’s IT learning. I tried to keep an open mind as I read this article. I really … Continue reading

We need a root cause analysis of the gender in IT problem

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The statistics speak for themselves. 24% of professional IT jobs are held by women, even though 57% of professional jobs are held by women In 2008, 56% of all AP test-takers were female, 51% who took the calculus AP test … Continue reading

Podcamp Boston, lack of women speakers, and bringing things to neutral

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Yesterday I attended PodCamp Boston. Its an interesting conference, lots of planned presentations about social media. I attended one about measurement where the speaker didn’t show up, so someone just jumped up and led the discussion. That was a very … Continue reading