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RIP Susie Vivian Wilson – my bigmama

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For the most part I’ve been MIA for about a week. This is because my bigmama – my grandmother – passed away last week. I went to the Georgia mountains for her service, and to be with my mom and … Continue reading

10 reasons NOT to ban social media (a twist on the meme)

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Jane Hart posted a satirical video – 10 reasons to ban social media the other day. Shortly thereafter, she challenged everyone to come up with 10 reasons NOT to ban social media. Of course I can never just follow the … Continue reading

What is microsharing?

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I’m working on podcasts for my Multimedia class and my internship, and the topic is microsharing. I thought I’d define it here for a couple of reasons. First of all, blogging always helps me reflect on what I know, and … Continue reading

SWA vs Kevin Smith (or the power of social media)

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In case you missed the drama over the weekend, SouthWest Air was embroiled in a social media and customer service nightmare with director Kevin Smith. Here’s how the story was reported: Smith was thrown off an SWA flight for being … Continue reading

Reputation, Authenticity, and Credibility

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Janet Clarey has a great post about the topic of determining authenticity in social media. She gives a great example of how messages (in particular tweets) can be taken out of context by folks applying traditional methods to interpreting dialogue … Continue reading

HPT competencies mirror Social Media management competencies?

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Check out this list of competencies for an HPT professional as listed in the HPI Essentials book (by ASTD press): Analysis Skill Business Knowledge Change Management Skill Facilitation Skill HPI Understanding Influencing Skill Project Management Skill Questioning Skill Relationship-Building Skill … Continue reading

Will zombies be social media’s downfall in the Enterprise?

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Gartner recently released its hype report about social media. It is interesting to see that some of the tools we are advocating for Learning actvities are slipping into the “trough of disillusionment“. This is the time in a technology lifecycle … Continue reading

Are the new ways of creating content creating a new sense of self

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This video is great. It talks about how putting things out on the Internet causes context collapse – we know ANYONE can see it, and we may even have to see it. So one way we know ourselves is by … Continue reading

Its all about your audience

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I’m finishing off our presentation for the eLearning Guild’s Instructional Design Symposium. One thing I’m doing is explaining what EMC does, since I’m presenting to ID folks and not technical folks. Thankfully Polly Pearson (fellow EMC blogger) got some slides … Continue reading

The World is Changing Right In Front of Our Eyes

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I first wrote this post on EMC’s internal social media site. I want to share it publicly (especially with my edupeeps!). I find myself saying that phrase – The world is changing right in front of our eyes – more … Continue reading