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Learning is everywhere

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I presented at conference for the 40th reunion of the Florida State University Instructional Systems program. Here’s the presentation I gave: Learning is everywhere from Gina Minks In the presentation, I talked about how instructional design theory is very important … Continue reading

Updates from the land of the cephalopods…

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I’d thought do a bit of an update post on what I’m up to at work. I’ve discovered that when you are doing training for a startup, you do *all* the training. So far I’ve done lots of instructional analysis … Continue reading

How do you design training for Dev AND Ops?

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I’m about ten days into my new job. In the last ten days I’ve been to Sunnyvale to the Inktank offices, to San Francisco for VMworld parties and v0dgeball, and finally San Diego for Xen Summit and Cloud Open. I’ve … Continue reading

The secret handshake of ID

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Bummed I missed the first part of this live.

What I did at the Learning Solutions 2010 Conference – Friday

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Learning Through Social Media Friday was the last day of the conference. Marcia Conner (who I am interning for at Pistachio Consulting this semester) had asked if I wanted to participate on a panel about learning through social media, and … Continue reading

Anyone can be an ID. But should *anyone* be an ID?

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This is my response to last week’s #lrnchat. I was inspired to write it after watching an internal (EMC) discussion about training. Anyone can perform the ID function You heard me correctly. ANYONE. I have to say I was so … Continue reading

July’s Big Question: New Skills for Learning Professionals

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July’s big question is very timely for me! Here is the question: In a Learning 2.0 world, where learning and performance solutions take on a wider variety of forms and where churn happens at a much more rapid pace, what … Continue reading

Systems approach of designing instruction

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I’ve posted before about the Dick & Carey method of instructional design – while I was taking a class based on the Dick & Carey method. This method of instructional design is very popular because it represents a systems method … Continue reading

Learning about eLearning – EME 6414 week 2

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I have to start by saying this: It’s hard for me to be in an eLearning course because of my technical skills. I realize that most people in my major have not created websites, administered servers and networks, etc. So … Continue reading

New term for me: Tesla

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From this BoingBoing post, which was written by Clay Shirky, introduced me to a new term. Tesla, or “time elapsed since labs attended” refers to testing software applications. Clay gives this definition for tesla: a measure of how long it’s … Continue reading