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Support the authors on this year’s top vBlog voting

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Polls are open for vSphereLand’s annual Top vBlog voting. This annual event has been going on since 2008, so 9 years! This blog and the other non-vendor blog on which I blog, 24 x 7 IT Connection, have both made the … Continue reading

Achievement unlocked: I’ve been named to the EMC Elect 2016

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I started my technical community building journey when I worked at EMC. I worked in the Ed Services organization building training courses and certification tests, and then I started running the Proven Professional community (and helped start the social media … Continue reading

What enterprise tech can learn from “Mean Girls”

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You may have seen me refer to a certain company on Twitter as the Mean Girls of the datacenter. It’s not my term, someone just dared me to tweet it. The sentiment of the phrase is interesting, and a repeat of a pattern … Continue reading

Can you market to a community?

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Cross posted from Storify. [View the story “Can you market to a community?” on Storify] Tweet

The importance of community, revisited

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Last night I was honored to be part of the birthday extravaganza on the new-ish podcast Current Status. Last night’s podcast was a great celebration of how tech has changed since we were younger, and I talked about something for … Continue reading

Taking social back to information needs

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I’ve had a growing feeling of malaise over the current state of social media. Now that some of the necessary product content work has been set in motion, expect to see me become very active in social again. Not from … Continue reading

Interop is next week!

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Dell will be at Interop, and of course Dell Data Protection will be in the booth. Swing by and check out the booth, or find me (twitter is always best at conferences: @gminks). Hoping to get demos of our DP products (AppAssure, … Continue reading

On dev-ops, marketing, the c-word, and pneumonia

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Pneumonia is a funny thing. For those of you who don’t know, I was diagnosed with pneumonia a week and a half ago. While I was at Cloud Connect. I can honestly say I’ve never been this sick in my entire life. … Continue reading

Beer: the essential ingredient for successful community building

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I don’t know if it was Bitnorth, spending the last couple of nights communing in Barcelona with other members of the internal Dell Storage community, or the tweets coming from my friend Ed Saipetch at Monktoberfest, but I have finally … Continue reading

Dr. Martin Luther King Day, its about building communities

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Here in the US it is Dr. Martin Luther King day. It is one of our national holidays. To commemorate the day, people are encouraged to use it as a day of service, instead of a just another day off. … Continue reading