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New Connectivism and Connective Knowledge course starting soon

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The Connectivism and Connective Knowledge 2011 online course is starting on January 12. The course is delivered completely online, and it is open. This means you can join for FREE, and participate if and when and how you are able. … Continue reading

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Stephen Downes posted the transcript from a lecture he gave on Connectivism. The post is packed with great stuff that relates to my previous post, as well as social learning – both I’ll need to read and reflect on some … Continue reading

Blogging my homework: Podcast Pedagogy

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NOTE: this post is copied and pasted directly from a Blackboard post I made. We were asked to tie what we know about how people learn with how podcasts might be designed. I think any podcasting pedagogy has to be … Continue reading

Learning about eLearning – EME 6414 week 2

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I have to start by saying this: It’s hard for me to be in an eLearning course because of my technical skills. I realize that most people in my major have not created websites, administered servers and networks, etc. So … Continue reading

Autism – Networks

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Ok, I give! CCK08 is officially killing me! I’m going to try and hang in there. I think the problem is that the topics are so meaty, and interesting, that I want to only do this class and nothing else. … Continue reading

Trying to visualize Networks

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When we talk about networks in constructivism or group theory, my mind always compares them to computer networks. It’s the easiest reference I can pull up, since I deal with computer networking on a daily basis. I’m going to try … Continue reading

The half of knowledge, is knowing where to find knowledge

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This quote (“The half of knowledge, is knowing where to find knowledge”) is inscribed over the doors of Dodd Hall at FSU. Apparently no one knows who actually said this, but it seems very applicable to the conversation about the … Continue reading