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Support the authors on this year’s top vBlog voting

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Polls are openĀ for vSphereLand’s annual Top vBlog voting. This annual event has been going on since 2008, so 9 years! This blog and the other non-vendor blog on which I blog, 24 x 7 IT Connection, have both made the … Continue reading

the new face of storage bloggers

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This week, Stephen Foskett’s Virtual Field Day (VFD4 to be exact) was in Austin. One thing I noticed right away is that I didn’t know most of the delegates. I think I upset some of them, but in all honestly … Continue reading

Marketing ate the blogosphere

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Last month I participated in the #vDM30in30 challenge, in which a group of bloggers were invited to write a blog post every day for the month o of November. I joined late, and wasn’t able to keep up at the … Continue reading

30 blog posts in 30 days – can I still do it?

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With my 2 launches in November, and Dell World, I forgot all about #vDM30in30. It is a challenge from Greg Ferro (aka @etherealmind) to quit complaining about the state of social media and get back to blogging – 30 posts … Continue reading

Happy 3rd birthday to my blog!

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Wow – I’ve had this blog for three years! Unbelievable! I started the blog when I was a grad student at FSU. Originally it focused on the intersection of social media, corporate education (what I did for a job back … Continue reading

December Big Question – What did you learn about learning in 2009?

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It’s the last day of December, the last day of 2009, the last day of a decade. But I still want to answer December’s Big Question: What did you learn about learning in 2009? Grad School Personally, I took five … Continue reading

Is ROI an evil MBA term? More on the ROI of blogging

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Continuing the blogging ROI discussion…..there was an interesting interchange yesterday between my self and Jane Bozarth on twitter about the topic of ROI. The scenario Jane and I talked about proving the ROI of a mythical (I think) training course … Continue reading

How can I prove the ROI of this blog?

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Someone asked me that very question a few weeks ago. Sincefrom time to time I do blog about the education programs at EMC, is there any way to tell if my words here impact the bottom line of my organization? … Continue reading

How I use social media to learn

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A couple of comments to me this week are prompting this post. Someone in my senior management made a comment that I am very active in social media but I don’t really use it to learn. And someone on twitter … Continue reading

Researching, “Hierarchy of Change”, and Blogging

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Classes started for the Spring semester. One of the classes I am taking is Inquiry and Measurement. Its about the research methods & resources used to conduct good scientific investigations, and how to measure those findings (broadly paraphrasing the syllabus). … Continue reading