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New Connectivism and Connective Knowledge course starting soon

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The Connectivism and Connective Knowledge 2011 online course is starting on January 12. The course is delivered completely online, and it is open. This means you can join for FREE, and participate if and when and how you are able. … Continue reading

Biggest lesson from my graduate studies: Communities ignite learning

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If you follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook, you know that I graduated last weekend with a Master of Science degree from the Instructional Systems program at Florida State University. Here’s a video to prove … Continue reading

The Summer semester has started!

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I’m taking a class called Web 2.0 Learning and Performance. There are over 30 people in the class, and I’m having flashbacks to CCK08. I may blog less here for the next few weeks as I have to keep a … Continue reading

Big Question: What did you learn in 2008

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This month’s Big Question from ASTD’s Learning Circuits blog is What did you learn about learning in 2008? I started grad school in the Fall of 2007. So this year I took the following courses: Introduction to Instructional Systems Trends … Continue reading

Case Study in Control and Instructional Design

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My son, who is a sophomore at Bridgewater State College, texted me Friday. He was fuming about an incident in his Intro to Communications class. The teacher has a strict attendance policy: if you miss more than two classes you … Continue reading

EMC Post-Innovation Conference Tweet-Up

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The last two days EMC held its 2nd annual Innovation Conference, right in the Education Services building. I was lucky enough to be given a last-minute invite to the conference. I attended last year’s conference (as a judge, not sure … Continue reading

The cost of supporting Collaborative Project Spaces

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In one of Mike Bogle’s posts the topics of learning ecosystems and “walled gardens” comes up. The main idea I took away from his post is that now it’s so easy to make and access information. While that is a … Continue reading

CCK08: Instructional Design, Social Objects

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I am going through one of the CCK08 readings for this week, “Cloudworks: social networking for learning design”. (I would reference the author but I can’t find one on the given materials – only clue is the document title conole_ascilite). … Continue reading

CCK08: There *are* rules to engagement

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After  publicly declaring my angst over filters being put in place in the CCK08 class, Stephen Downes pretty much spelled out the rules for engagement in the Daily today when he said: “It is not simply about saying you agree … Continue reading

CCK08: How are we conditioned to learn, and more on CCK08 filters

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So I am wondering: are there filters being imposed in the CCK08 class? I know I am applying my own filters. I decided early on I would keep up with blog posts and posts from the CCK08 twitter network. I … Continue reading