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Wrapup: How people use blogging to learn

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I promised to write a summary of the responses I received to this post on blogging as reflective practice, so here it is (better late than never!). Not only did I write about blogging as a mechanism for learning on … Continue reading

EMC Post-Innovation Conference Tweet-Up

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The last two days EMC held its 2nd annual Innovation Conference, right in the Education Services building. I was lucky enough to be given a last-minute invite to the conference. I attended last year’s conference (as a judge, not sure … Continue reading

CCK08: How are we conditioned to learn, and more on CCK08 filters

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So I am wondering: are there filters being imposed in the CCK08 class? I know I am applying my own filters. I decided early on I would keep up with blog posts and posts from the CCK08 twitter network. I … Continue reading

CCK08: Do groups filter access to networks?

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I was reading this excellent post about groups and networks and I started to think about if groups filter access to networks. I think that all of the readings this week (at least how I understand them) point to groups … Continue reading

Autism – Networks

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Ok, I give! CCK08 is officially killing me! I’m going to try and hang in there. I think the problem is that the topics are so meaty, and interesting, that I want to only do this class and nothing else. … Continue reading

Does marketing own social media?

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In the spirit of the CCK08 theme of the week (Networks) I must ask about a roadblock I am seeing in involving the masses in social media. Does marketing own social media? The social media groups I am involved with … Continue reading

Trying to visualize Networks

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When we talk about networks in constructivism or group theory, my mind always compares them to computer networks. It’s the easiest reference I can pull up, since I deal with computer networking on a daily basis. I’m going to try … Continue reading

The network working and autism

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This post is going to be rather free form because I feel like I have so much in my brain that I need to get out. One of the common explanations for the difference of connectivism and constructivism is that … Continue reading