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Discrimination is socialized (my review of Hidden Figures)

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Hidden Figures opens officially tomorrow, but I saw it tonight. This movie is about three African American female engineers who pioneered space travel at NASA. Oh yeah, the movie was set in the 60s, and they did this while fighting … Continue reading

On sexist behavior and being a community

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By this time, I’m sure you’ve seen it. I also know that some of you are sick of talking about it. But, if we want things to get better, we have to have action. Yes, I’m talking about the picture … Continue reading

Why nurture more lady bloggers if you ignore the ones who already blog?

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I’m at #EMCworld, in the social lounge. I have booth duty in a little bit, so I’m playing catch up. My [lady] dev manager wrote a killer blog post that I need to get posted. This is her first blog … Continue reading

My Ada Lovelace post: Celebrating Tsalagi women in tech!

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Today (Oct 14) is Ada Lovelace day. She was one of the early computer scientists (circa 1800s!). We tend to forget those who went before us, and forged the pathways on which we now walk. With that in mind, I … Continue reading

Are we only what we reflect?

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Yesterday I was able to see Sherman Alexie read and speak at the Texas Book Festival. And he was as awesome as I thought he would be! Anyone  who is concerned about the reality of who we are vs what … Continue reading

Maybe its time for women in tech to get angry

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This post is stuck in my head. I won’t be able to work on my program that launches TOMORROW (SO MUCH TO DO!) until I can get this post written and out of my head. Last night I saw a … Continue reading

Why is it so hard for the tech community to discuss sexism?

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Last week I went to #startupfest in Montreal.  I was there on vacation (meaning I was not there representing Dell in any way). It was great. I could go to sessions, I could hang out with people, I could pay … Continue reading

Geeks: Support a 1st grader who loves Star Wars!

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My friend Sunshine posted an interesting link this afternoon. Its a geek call to action: an adorable 1st grader is being teased about bringing a Star Wars water bottle to school. Because girls aren’t supposed to like Star Wars and … Continue reading

Today is Ada Lovelace Day!

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Today is Ada Lovelace Day, a day to draw attention to the acheivements of women in science and technology. In case you didn’t know, Ada Lovelace wrote the first computer programs for the machine Charles Babbage invented. To put it … Continue reading