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Want to learn more about the foundations of Cloud Computing?

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Have you heard anyone talk about cloud computing? Do you have any clue what they are talking about? Do you wish you understood the fundamentals about cloud computing? If so, head over to this link and sign up for the … Continue reading

Want to see my final projects from the Spring Semester?

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I am done with this semester. YAY!!! Here’s a look at the final projects for my classes. In one class, we spent the semester carrying out a mini-study. My team looked at this question: Do people who say that they … Continue reading

ASTD Big Question: What will workplace learning be like in 10 years?

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This month’s Big Question from ASTD is “what will workplace learning be like in 10 years?”. If you go to their post, there are already some really interesting thoughts and comments about this topic. Byron said “The best prophet of … Continue reading

Feb T&D has a fantastic article on common pitfalls of blended learning

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The latest Training and Development magazine (from ASTD) has a very relevant article to some of the work I am doing this quarter for my organization. The article is titled It’s [Not] the Technology, Stupid. The article is about the … Continue reading

Help me vet my eLearning project topic – Interacting with Adults with Asperger’s

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I have to write an eLearning module for my eLearning class.  Gladly accepting any suggestions… The topic is going to be: How do you identify and interact with an adult with Executive Functioning issues? Two learning objectives: The learner will … Continue reading

PLE construction, instructors, & converting Instructor led learning to eLearning

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In my last post I talked about the learning environments (LEs) we as developers create for students, and the Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) students create to situate themselves so that they can master the course objectives. In this post I … Continue reading

Learning about eLearning – EME 6414 week 2

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I have to start by saying this: It’s hard for me to be in an eLearning course because of my technical skills. I realize that most people in my major have not created websites, administered servers and networks, etc. So … Continue reading

Learning Circuits Blog Big Question: E-Learning

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The Learning Circuits Blog Big Question for October is about E-Learning, specifically: What advice would you give to someone new to the field (of E-Learning). Where do you start? Particular tools you should explore? Resources you should read? Videos/screencasts you … Continue reading

EME6403 – ASTD handout on eLearning for groups

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I am going to start posting links that are relevant to my current grad school project. The first one is a presentation that Tony Karrer gave at ASTD yesterday. The title is “eLearning 2.0 for Personal and Group Learning”. It … Continue reading