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Tech News Roundup week ending November 26

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Another week, another round-up. Squeezing this one in right at the last minute. CMS Wire has a nice overview of the 2016 Bitglass cloud adpotion survey. Oh sweet lord no. Simon Wardley has a great (long) post mapping how we’ve … Continue reading

Taking time to be thankful

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Today is Thanksgiving Day in the US. My family has decided not to celebrate in the “traditional” way this year. I just couldn’t reconcile the origins of Thanksgiving with the increasing escalation of violence against the Lakota and Dakota water … Continue reading

How do you keep on your path?

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I like to take my dog Fred on long walks on the weekend. One of the nice things about Austin is all of the nature trails that are in the city. The days we make it out there really early … Continue reading

Talk to each other

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We have to talk about the election. One of the first and probably the most interesting conversations I had about the election was with my children. I told them that things *are* better than they were when I was a … Continue reading

devs vs devops engineers

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Words are important. I think it’s time we examined what we mean when we say “devs”. In my mind, there are two types of devs: A developer who creates the software for an application. A developer who creates the infrastructure … Continue reading

Update on my #vdm30in30 effort

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So, writing is hard. Ok to be more specific, writing publicly, on my own personal blog, is hard. As a product marketing manager, I write a lot. It’s one of the reasons I love my job… I love to write … Continue reading

Tech news roundup week ending Nov 12, 2016

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This was a crazy week news-wise here in the US. I was very happy to have labwork to dive into, and I’ll be even happier when I can share some of the posts I’m writing for work. 🙂 I’m also … Continue reading

Let America Be America Again

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I’ve spent two days fretting about my adult children. My beautiful mixed-race children, who are angry and scared about the election results. We’re talking, I’m trying to coax them away from filling their minds with what is being passed as … Continue reading

The tale of the shitty-ass trailer

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this post is dedicated to my children Last night we all watched in disbelief, as a racist, misogynistic man who has lied about his education, failed in business, and is one of the things I made you promise not to … Continue reading

I just can’t.

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Phoning my post in today. I have been working on posts for work, but they’re not ready to post yet. Settling in to the house, and the real work is just beginning. And this election. So, this may be cheating….but … Continue reading