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Tech news roundup week ending Nov 12, 2016

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This was a crazy week news-wise here in the US. I was very happy to have labwork to dive into, and I’ll be even happier when I can share some of the posts I’m writing for work. 🙂 I’m also … Continue reading

Marketers and trainers are the storytellers of your org

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I’ve been mulling this question over for days, asking people for input, reading on it…. Are marketers and trainers the storytellers of an organization? This video showed up in my stream today, and it makes me believe that I’m on … Continue reading

How do you measure social learning

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I tweeted this question earlier: are there studies that show ways to measure social learning? More specifically, are there studies or research that shows ways to measure the ROI of using social media tools and processes for corporate education? I … Continue reading

Objections to using social media

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The Engaged Learning blog has been posting Objections to using social media for education. The last couple of days have had some interesting posts on this topic! Objection #12 was “How Will you measure that it’s working”?  Basically, how do … Continue reading