Taking time to be thankful

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Today is Thanksgiving Day in the US. My family has decided not to celebrate in the “traditional” way this year. I just couldn’t reconcile the origins of Thanksgiving with the increasing escalation of violence against the Lakota and Dakota water protectors in North Dakota. The events on Sunday solidified my feelings.

To be honest, the reason I feel empowered enough to regularly speak up and participate in actions about injustices that affect me, such as the #NoDAPL resistance and the ever-lingering topic of women in tech, is because I’ve been protected and blessed in many ways. So instead of fussing over a huge turkey dinner, today I’m fasting and reflecting on all of the things I am truly thankful for.




I am thankful that my children live close to me.
















I am thankful for my dog Fred. He makes me feel safe in my new house, and he’s such a good buddy.














home sweet home

home sweet home


I am thankful that I have a house to call my own. It is very scary and overwhelming. It’s also a little frustrating at the moment. But I’m very proud of this accomplishment, and very happy with this decision.





I am thankful for my new job. It is challenging me in ways that I didn’t expect. If I’m being honest, that’s when I’m happy at work, when I have interesting puzzles to solve and a team of smart motivated people around me that are also working to solve those problems.





I am thankful for my new co-workers. I’m the only woman in my group, nothing new there. The men I work with are really good people. Of course they are smart and professional, but they all put their families first, and talk about their wives with such respect and love it is inspiring. It really makes a difference in how you look at your job when everyone around you is this balanced.









I am thankful I have the opportunity to meet so many amazing people. Even if we don’t agree, the conversations are always interesting and inspiring.




20161001_140229I’m thankful for good friends to go on adventures with.


















I’m thankful I have the means to get home to my water on a regular basis.









20161103_081551I am thankful for the signs that I’m not alone.

















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