How do you keep on your path?

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I like to take my dog Fred on long walks on the weekend. One of the nice things about Austin is all of the nature trails that are in the city. The days we make it out there really early are the best. I tend to zone out, especially if Fred isn’t acting super crazy.

Last week one of the things I thought about was about how important it is to keep on the path you’ve chosen for yourself. Sometimes it’s good to go off the beaten path, and go exploring….but when you want to really zero in on a goal you have to ignore the distractions and keep on the path. And you have to be physically able to keep on the path. You also have to pay attention to rocks that may be stuck in the trail, because if trip over one and go down, it could keep you off the path. And you’ll have to start all over again.

So keeping on the path requires good health, and paying attention. What else? What keeps you on your path?



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