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Repost: Information stewardship: the only answer to information importers

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I am trying to figure out how to talk about the connections I see between colonialism, industrialization, the lie of democratization in open source, the women in tech issue, and the increasing class divide in our country. I have been … Continue reading

Organization of information

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I’m cleaning up my loft, and came across a book from my undergrad days: “The Organization of Information” by Arlene G. Taylor. This was probably one of my first glimpses into KM, from a bibliographic perspective. Since I was in … Continue reading

How information needs and small world signatures are related to affinity and relevance

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Last week I wrote a post asking if anyone knew a technical term for truthiness. No takers on that so that request. So now this is my reflective post to work my way through the idea that unscrupulous information imposters … Continue reading

Is there a technical Sociological term for “truthiness”

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I’m going to Bitnorth in August. Its going to be geeky and awesome, and I can’t wait. I have to present. Everyone going has to present. I wanted to present on the idea that there since there is still a … Continue reading

Information Stewardship: the only answer to Information Imposters

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I’m writing this as I’m watching the first FSU game of the season. FSU vs. Miami, you can’t get better college football than that. I’m currently in grad school at FSU – a total distance student since I live in … Continue reading