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Lets get real about analysis – starting with the last LS2010 Keynote

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Like I mentioned in my wrap-up post from Friday at the Learning solutions conference, I did not care for the last keynote talk. The keynote was given by Leonard Brody, and was entitled “365 Days From Now: Preparing for the … Continue reading

Information Stewardship: the only answer to Information Imposters

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I’m writing this as I’m watching the first FSU game of the season. FSU vs. Miami, you can’t get better college football than that. I’m currently in grad school at FSU – a total distance student since I live in … Continue reading

CCK08: Do groups filter access to networks?

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I was reading this excellent post about groups and networks and I started to think about if groups filter access to networks. I think that all of the readings this week (at least how I understand them) point to groups … Continue reading