What is microsharing?

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I’m working on podcasts for my Multimedia class and my internship, and the topic is microsharing. I thought I’d define it here for a couple of reasons. First of all, blogging always helps me reflect on what I know, and putting this in words will help me write my scripts.

Secondly I’m going to have ask people to help me, so a nice post will make it easier for me to convince them that they SHOULD help me. 😉

Lets start with the wikipedia definiton of microshare:

To microshare is to offer access to a select piece or set of digital content by a specific group of invited or otherwise privileged guests in a controlled and secure manner. In contrast to public sharing of content, microsharing enables a more private or intimate level of making content accessible by others. Microsharing access can be secured via uniquely encoded urls or by password protection.

A better definition is given in a paper written by Pistachio Consulting:

– social networking tools and systems that enable listening, awareness, communication and
collaboration between people, through short bursts of text, links, and multimedia content.
– surprisingly powerful way to connect people to one another for corporate benefit.

Tools used to accomplish microsharing include Twitter and Yammer.

2 Responses to What is microsharing?

  1. I should think that a better example of microshare would be GoogleDocs which is widely available and enables private sharing of information and collaboration. There are other more sophisticated project management applications which accomplish the same thing but allow a level of monitoring so that an employer, for example, can make sure that outsourced employees are actually performing the work they are being billed for.

  2. gminks says:

    Hi Internet Traffic Gal! One thing about microsharing is that its done in short bursts – do you think Google Docs could still fit that bill?

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