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Training and Marketing are converging, for better or worse

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Last week I dropped in on mLearnCon (a mobile learning conference). It was held in Austin, I had friends attending and speaking, and I love keeping my edu chops up to date. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. The … Continue reading

How do I find influencers?

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I promised I would write about this in an earlier post, and since the idea was actually inspired by someone, let me get these thoughts written down. That word – influencers – it’s kind of loaded isn’t it? Let’s look at … Continue reading

Social Media is bullshit

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I’ve been kicking this post around for several months, finally ready to write it. Before I begin, three things: Although I work for Dell, this post and in fact everything on this blog are my ideas and thoughts, not those … Continue reading

How do we prevent our teams from being overwhelmed by social media?

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I’ve seen lots of posts, and been in lots of discussions recently from this thing Cammy Bean has pegged as SoMeFat- or social media fatigue. Cammy describes it as the burnout from constantly being in the public eye. @SANPenguin posted … Continue reading

Technical Aptitude, the Digital Divide, and Learning 2.0

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This post has been bubbling in my brain for about two weeks. Our group finally turned in our midterm project, so I have a little time to get these thoughts out of my head. Before I start let me say … Continue reading

Costs to Learning 2.0

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I started writing this as a comment to a post on the Silence and Voice blog. That post is about where are all these users who are supposedly chomping at the bit to use Web 2.0 in educational settings? My … Continue reading