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Is the world still changing?

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I wrote a post three years ago where I said that the world is changing in front of our eyes. In that post I talked about how Twitter was used during the Iran elections, how the traditional news media (especially … Continue reading

Lets get real about analysis – starting with the last LS2010 Keynote

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Like I mentioned in my wrap-up post from Friday at the Learning solutions conference, I did not care for the last keynote talk. The keynote was given by Leonard Brody, and was entitled “365 Days From Now: Preparing for the … Continue reading

The web has been around for #20years (and I’ve been around for 14 of them)

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EMC has an online magazine called On. In this month’s issue, it talks about the Web being 20 years old. Len Devanna tagged myself and Barry Burke to answer the following questions (which were also asked in the magazine): How … Continue reading

Technical Aptitude, the Digital Divide, and Learning 2.0

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This post has been bubbling in my brain for about two weeks. Our group finally turned in our midterm project, so I have a little time to get these thoughts out of my head. Before I start let me say … Continue reading