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Achievement unlocked: I’ve been named to the EMC Elect 2016

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I started my technical community building journey when I worked at EMC. I worked in the Ed Services organization building training courses and certification tests, and then I started running the Proven Professional community (and helped start the social media … Continue reading

When to worry about losing SaaS data

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I wrote this blog post for work on ways you can lose data on Office 365. Thought I’d also share it here. I’m also now 5 posts behind in #vdm30in30. I don’t really feel like this is cheating though, since … Continue reading

VMworld 2015 plans

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Since I work at Spanning now, and since we backup data in different SaaS apps, I’m not working with VMware any more. So why would I even bother going to VMworld? Well, because Spanning offers a SaaS backup solution for … Continue reading

Getting my SaaS on

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I’m one week into my new job at Spanning, and it is just as interesting as I thought it would be. The first thing I have to talk about is the awesome culture at Spanning. Everyone is so freaking nice. … Continue reading

New adventure starts Monday with Spanning!

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In case you didn’t know, I left Dell back in February. I’m extremely fortunate in that I was able to take some time to think about what I wanted my next role to look like. I decided I didn’t want … Continue reading