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I’m one week into my new job at Spanning, and it is just as interesting as I thought it would be.

The first thing I have to talk about is the awesome culture at Spanning. Everyone is so freaking nice. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t all smart asses too (most of them are. Especially sales). 🙂 They are honestly just a great group of people.

Also, we’re in transition as far as work space goes. We are waiting on a new office to be finished so right now we’re tenants at the Capital Factory in downtown Austin. I take the bus downtown, walk a few blocks, and I’m there. All the normal stuff you’d think a startup accelerator would have is there: anything you can imagine to drink and snack on, open spaces, video games, etc.

But back to the awesome Spanning culture. Mondays are “meeting Mondays”, Wednesdays are “work Wednesdays (no meetings so you can get work done!). We have breakfast tacos every Monday (we are in Austin after all!), and eat lunch together Fridays.

Last week was the official GA of Spanning Backup for Office 365, and there was lunch and celebrations after work. My timing was awesome, there was even a company holiday last week. 🙂 Be sure to check out pictures from my first week at the bottom of this post.

I’m getting settled in, and one thing I want to do with this job is work out loud, and in do that in public as much as I can. In addition to getting on-boarded to EMC, I’m learning how Spanning works as a product, which means getting very familiar with Office 365. What I’m doing this week is taking the Office 365 Fundamentals course over on Microsoft Virtual Academy. So far it’s pretty good, it’s definitely helping me understand the Microsoft positioning for their cloud. I’m also looking for user groups…not having much luck with that yet. If you have suggestions, please let me know!

I’m just scratching the surface of on-premises vs SaaS (as well as hybrid scenarios) for applications we all know and love, much more to come there. I’m drinking from the fire hose and just couldn’t be happier.

And now, the pictures I promised….

There is an all-hands every Monday afternoon. My first day, they also celebrated birthdays and anniversaries from June and July. With ice cream! This place is awesome.

First day, first all hands meeting. And we have ice cream!!!!

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Another Spanning culture thing: really awesome t-shirts. This one was for the launch of Backup for Office 365.

My new PM .@spanningbackup @andyrouse

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My team had an early morning meeting… and our boss brought us breakfast.

Bacon egg and cheese biscuit. And bacon jam. #thanksboss

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Did I mention the awesome t-shirts??

Working hard

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In case you didn’t believe me, Spanning is really part of EMC.

Ahhh good times…. #imback #backthatsaasup

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