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Stephen Downes posted the transcript from a lecture he gave on Connectivism. The post is packed with great stuff that relates to my previous post, as well as social learning – both I’ll need to read and reflect on some more. I wanted to share one quote now, he talks about knowledge in the network being dynamic, tacit, and grown. His thoughts on dynamic are very interesting:

What we mean by that is, it’s always changing. What was true yesterday may not be true tomorrow, what was true tomorrow may not be true the next day. Even if there are underlying facts of the matter, even if two plus two is always equal to four, it’s not always relevant. It might not always matter. There are always facts out there in the world, the world may not be a totality of facts, but it has a lot of them, but these facts come in and out of relevance, come in and out of prominence. So even if there are unchanging parts of the world, our relationship to these things changes.

Sounds like where I work!

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