Happy 3rd birthday to my blog!

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Wow – I’ve had this blog for three years! Unbelievable!

I started the blog when I was a grad student at FSU. Originally it focused on the intersection of social media, corporate education (what I did for a job back then) and my graduate studies.

Since then, I transitioned into “doing” social media full time.  I’m in a marketing role now, but what I do is really more education. And social media. I love it. I’ve changed the focus of my blog from education to storage….because that’s my main focus.

Some stats from Feedburner (which started in May of 2008..):

  • The blog has had 34,353 views
  • I have posted on lots of topics – geekdom, storage industry topics, women in tech, edutech
  • I’ve averaged 286 subscribers (though right now I have 507)

All of this seems unreal. The blog has enabled me to meet so many new people, to become embedded in the educational social media field (with the Beard’s crew!), to get speaking gigs at conferences, and to land the perfect job for me.

For me, blogging is the ultimate reflective tool. I’m overwhelmed that anyone else finds my musings useful….but I’m eternally grateful for the connections this blog has enabled.

I hope you stick around for my storage ramblings…I promise to continue to weave in posts related to social media and education. Here’s to another 3 years! 🙂

2 Responses to Happy 3rd birthday to my blog!

  1. vilu says:

    Many Happy Returns!

  2. Congratulations on your blog birthday!

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