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the new face of storage bloggers

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This week, Stephen Foskett’s Virtual Field Day (VFD4 to be exact) was in Austin. One thing I noticed right away is that I didn’t know most of the delegates. I think I upset some of them, but in all honestly … Continue reading

Stats about this blog from 2013 – aka what did y’all read?

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Here are the top 10 accessed posts from this blog in 2013 according to my hosting service. Quick analysis: The longtail effect is real: only two of my top read posts were from 2012, one was from 2009! Not sure … Continue reading

My most read blog posts of 2010

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Everyone else is doing it, so I am too! Here were my most read posts from 2010. Crazy thing? I wrote a bunch of them in 2009! Instructional design books I’ve read for my IS degree Twitter Cheat Sheet version … Continue reading

What is the signature of the storage blog-o-sphere

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The topic of blogging independence is rearing its head again in the storage blog-o-sphere again, this time because some of the “independent” bloggers have been hired by EMC. I wanted to weigh in – reminding everyone up front that I … Continue reading


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I was cleaning out spam, and accidentally deleted a bunch of comments (about 10). I’m so sorry, mostly because there was a great conversation going on in the ROI post I made. I need a do-over button!! 🙁 Tweet

How can I prove the ROI of this blog?

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Someone asked me that very question a few weeks ago. Sincefrom time to time I do blog about the education programs at EMC, is there any way to tell if my words here impact the bottom line of my organization? … Continue reading

Researching, “Hierarchy of Change”, and Blogging

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Classes started for the Spring semester. One of the classes I am taking is Inquiry and Measurement. Its about the research methods & resources used to conduct good scientific investigations, and how to measure those findings (broadly paraphrasing the syllabus). … Continue reading

Wrapup: How people use blogging to learn

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I promised to write a summary of the responses I received to this post on blogging as reflective practice, so here it is (better late than never!). Not only did I write about blogging as a mechanism for learning on … Continue reading

How I use blogging

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I guess I should answer the questions I asked in a previous post: Do you use blogging as a reflective practice? Do you blog about things that are directly related to your job duties? Has blogging increased your level of … Continue reading

Cleaning House

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As you can probably tell, I decided to change things up a bit on my blog. I changed the theme and added a couple of links to some school projects. I also added a badge for the eLearning Learning community … Continue reading