My Ada Lovelace post: Celebrating Tsalagi women in tech!

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Today (Oct 14) is Ada Lovelace day. She was one of the early computer scientists (circa 1800s!). We tend to forget those who went before us, and forged the pathways on which we now walk.

With that in mind, I give you the person who is fascinating me on this day. Golda Ross was one of the pioneers of space travel, back in the 1950s. She was a math whiz, she was in the initial class of folks at Lockheed’s Skunkworks. Her work on how to travel through space and time is still classified. Read her story here.

Oh yeah, and she was a Cherokee woman. Why is this important? Women are underrepresented in tech today, but Native people ARE NOT EVEN COUNTED. No, seriously, next time you see any data on racial representation in tech, look for Native Americans. We ain’t there.

But we are here, and we always have been apparently! Thanks Ms. Ross! 🙂

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