Working on a report on Geary Rummler

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My partner and I are doing an oral report on Geary Rummler. Remember, I am in a 100% distance program, so this should be interesting.

Actually, lots of what I do and consume at work is 100% distance.

I found a video of some of Rummler’s lectures at Motorola, and I am finding myself very annoyed that I never got to meet him. That he isn’t around for #lrnchat.

I know this is quite selfish, but I would have loved to have had the opportunity to talk to him.

If you have any suggestions for what my partner and I need to include in our report about Rummler, let me know. Maybe I’ll set up a wiki to collect more info.

Here’s the link to the videos I am watching. Rummler seems so straight-forward and real.

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