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I’ve decided to come out about where I work. I develop technical training in the Education Services Department at EMC Corporation. EMC a global leader in storing, managing, and protect information intelligently and efficiently. My department has won many awards – in 2007 we ranked 2nd on Training Magazine’s Top 125 list and won an ASTD Best Award.

I am writing this blog from the point of view of an Individual Contributor – I’m just a cog in the machine so to speak. I wanted a space to apply what I am using in my graduate program to things I see at work. I also will probably talk about how the emerging Web 2.0 technologies can be applied towards education, but these thoughts are all my own and not necessarily a direction my group is pursuing.

I also have to put the standard disclaimer up – so go see it on my “About Me” page.

I think this post about EMC’s latest ON Magazine (which has several E2.0 articles) is what pushed me over the edge to “come out” as an EMC employee. One of the articles in this issue of On talks about how DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) had the first real E2.0 system – adding fuel to my argument that these tools are not new, and they are not the domain of the so-called “digital natives”.

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