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Last night I participated in the #lrnchat twitter chat again. I’ve been trying to explain what a twitter chat is, and I honestly think you have to participate in one to “get it”.

Basically, here is how a twitter chat works:

  • Someone organizes a chat, gives it a hash tag, and tells everyone to come
  • They tweet about it before the chat, advertising the time and the hashtag
  • When its time for the chat, the organizer usually has a couple of questions to get the conversation going.
  • Anyone who participates includes the hashtag with their tweets

Last night I tried to capture this for my cohorts who help manage the EMC Proven Professional Community. The set up is ok, but I don’t think I really captured the vibrancy of the actual chat. And Charles pleae do not wince at the non-professional look of these videos…it is finals time for me after all. 🙂

First the setup:

Then the actual chat:

If you want more info, be sure to check out the lrnchat blog.

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  1. Michele says:

    Twitter chat is pretty easy to understand, the hardest part is getting people to chime in, after a few successful tries you’ll understand it a little better, it’s actually a fun way to discuss your ideas with fellow twiter followers. I’ve had success with twitter chat, took a little while but that’s like anything else

  2. Thanks for these two videos! It provides a great view of how to take advantage of twitter chats to learn.

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