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Is Twitter like sunflower seeds, or like oysters?

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I was talking to a very dear friend from mine from back home (Northwest Florida), and she asked me to explain Twitter. My friend is not very technical, so I couldn’t give my usual explanation. I told her the basics: … Continue reading

The power of Twitter (or how Twitter fixed my vacation fail!)

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For those of you who may have missed my tweets and Facebook updates, I’ve been on vacation this week. We rented a condo on the Gulf of Mexico in my hometown (I’ve learned that staying with family sorta negates the … Continue reading

New Twitter Cheat Sheet – critiques welcome

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Since there so many conferences coming up ( Simmons Leadership Conference this weekend, EMC World next month) I decided to write a Twitter Cheat Sheet about how to use twitter on your cell phone. You can download it here. Comments, … Continue reading

Twitter Chat

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Last night I participated in the #lrnchat twitter chat again. I’ve been trying to explain what a twitter chat is, and I honestly think you have to participate in one to “get it”. Basically, here is how a twitter chat … Continue reading

Twitter Cheat Sheet version 1.1 is up

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Fixed some typos, added the idea that you should have a profile before you follow someone (thanks Dave), and added the author info (who knew people would actually like this!) Twitter Cheat Sheet 1.1 Tweet

Howto use Twitter

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Edublogger has a great post on how to use twitter. I’m gminks in case you want to follow. I use twhirl (a twitter client) to watch the people I follow. You can get a tweetcloud – which shows you what … Continue reading