The Summer Semester is almost over!

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I am working with my group on our final project. Of course I have a beta class delivery due right at the same time. I am so awesome at scheduling things like that! (oh yes, that is sarcasm).

For our final project, we must make an image map of our causal maps. I am a little annoyed at this, as no instructions were given besides “upload it”.  There was not much instruction given about “what is” an image map, just a link to a wikipedia page.

This means in my group, I’ll be creating and designing the image map. I can guarantee no one else has ever ssh’d or ftp’d files to a web server.  I’m annoyed because there are not even instructions provided to us on how to access the space we are allotted at FSU. I hunted for it, and I think I found the correct information. But I can’t log into the server. I sent an email to campus support, hopefully they will resolve it quickly.

In the meantime, does anyone know of a free, easy to use social-type software that allows you to use the map tags? Wikispaces and edublogs strip the tag. I think we may just have to post the map someplace, and create wikis for the linked content.

Again, it’s great that my professor is having us do these technical things, but I don’t think he realizes how much he needs to teach the basics of technology. It’s just like at work. No one understands the new social media tools, so I have been slowly teaching people.

Once people understand the tools, then they can use them and plan for them. But is it fair to just throw the tool out there and expect people to figure it out? In a summer class? When the class is about designing instruction, not creating webpages? And some people’s 4.0 is at risk because of this craziness (I know I am not supposed to care about the grade but I do!!)

That’s my rant for today. To see everyday rants – follow me on twitter. I’m sure the closer we get to Aug 3, the more colorful my rants shall be. 🙂

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