very busy

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Too busy to blog. I’ve been keeping up over at Adventures in Corporate Education, and I never stop twittering anymore.

So what’s up?

  • Grad school summer semester’s almost over (I should finishing some of that work right now..)
  • Work – finishing a big project (coming to ATL in August), and working on social media as a process on the side
  • Kids – Bri is looking for a job, Kenny is just all over the place this summer (in Philly this weekend for a conference)
  • Fall Semester – getting myself and Kenny all set for the new semester
  • home- well the house is falling to pieces. 🙂 And I haven’t been able to put anything up, hopefully I will at least get some pickles done before I go to GA.
  • Planning to go see Stacey in NYC in Aug
  • I think I need to plan a mini-vaca!!

What’s up with y’all?

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