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The world of IT has already changed

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I wrote this 7 years ago: the world is changing right in front of our lives I wrote this post about corporate communications. The original post was about how the tech we use to communicate was changing our world. I wrote … Continue reading

Training and Marketing are converging, for better or worse

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Last week I dropped in on mLearnCon (a mobile learning conference). It was held in Austin, I had friends attending and speaking, and I love keeping my edu chops up to date. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. The … Continue reading

How do I find influencers?

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I promised I would write about this in an earlier post, and since the idea was actually inspired by someone, let me get these thoughts written down. That word – influencers – it’s kind of loaded isn’t it? Let’s look at … Continue reading

How I got my execs to start writing blogs

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One of my proudest accomplishments of the last few months is that I was able to assist my executives (in the Dell Data Protection group) to start blogging. So far half of them have published their posts, and the other … Continue reading

Use social media to make the world more connected

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I want to blog about this before I forget. Last night I went out and helped celebrate one of my orphan family sister’s birthday. It was awesome. If you do not have people in your life who are silly and … Continue reading

Social Media is bullshit

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I’ve been kicking this post around for several months, finally ready to write it. Before I begin, three things: Although I work for Dell, this post and in fact everything on this blog are my ideas and thoughts, not those … Continue reading

Is the world still changing?

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I wrote a post three years ago where I said that the world is changing in front of our eyes. In that post I talked about how Twitter was used during the Iran elections, how the traditional news media (especially … Continue reading

The engineer in me is starting to feel schizophrenic as a marketer

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If you follow me at all, you know I’m a technologist who practices social media full time as my job. But since social media is normally run by PR/Marketing departments, I now find myself now the lone engineer in the … Continue reading

On dev-ops, marketing, the c-word, and pneumonia

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Pneumonia is a funny thing. For those of you who don’t know, I was diagnosed with pneumonia a week and a half ago. While I was at Cloud Connect. I can honestly say I’ve never been this sick in my entire life. … Continue reading

Time to pack your bags for the Dell Storage Forum in London!

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Watching this recap video of the Dell Storage Forum in Orlando made me a little nostalgic. So, Just like I did for the inaugural Dell Storage Forum in Orlando last year, I thought I’d write a post with helpful hints … Continue reading