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Identity crisis: I’m not a marketer

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Ok, in full disclosure, the title of┬áthis blog post is misleading. If you know me, you know I protest vigorously any time someone calls me a marketer. Hell, I did it during my yearly review. If you really know me … Continue reading

Spring Conference Season continues – ASTD New England Area 2011 Conference

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Last Friday I presented at the ASTD New England Area 2011 Conference. ASTD is the American Society for Training and Development for my storage friends. The conference had an underlying theme of getting everyone comfortable and participating with social media. … Continue reading

How I manage the deluge of social information

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I’ve been an information junkie my entire life. I will read anything I can get my hands on. When I was a little girl I read almost all of the books in my school library, but during the summers there … Continue reading

Reflections on my first two weeks at Dell

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I’ve been at Dell a whole two weeks. I spent those first two weeks in Austin, and the entire time was jammed full of meeting people, figuring out the Dell corporate systems, and figuring out who I should be meeting. … Continue reading

How do we prevent our teams from being overwhelmed by social media?

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I’ve seen lots of posts, and been in lots of discussions recently from this thing Cammy Bean has pegged as SoMeFat- or social media fatigue. Cammy describes it as the burnout from constantly being in the public eye. @SANPenguin posted … Continue reading

Social Media for small businesses

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Since I do social media in an Enterprise company, many times my friends, family, and owners of the small businesses I frequent ask me for help getting started in social media. Most times I don’t have the time to really … Continue reading

Curating = filtering signals

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I really like this presentation from Janet Clarey about facilitating learning through the social web. Her ideas on curating and wayfinding are really similar to my ideas about a learning GPS. She’s right, tech + social has fundamentally changed how … Continue reading

10 reasons NOT to ban social media (a twist on the meme)

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Jane Hart posted a satirical video – 10 reasons to ban social media the other day. Shortly thereafter, she challenged everyone to come up with 10 reasons NOT to ban social media. Of course I can never just follow the … Continue reading

Talking about social media at Mass ISPI

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Last night I was the speaker at the Mass ISPI (International Society for Performance Improvement) meeting. I talked about how we convinced our executives to use social media. I deconstructed the actual presentation we used. Many thanks to Jean Marrapodi … Continue reading

1st things first – convincing everyone to use social media

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I thought I’d start blogging about what I’m doing at work in my new role as a Program Manager for Social Media for EMC’s Education team. The new role starts… I was so excited when I first got this role. … Continue reading