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Polls are open for vSphereLand’s annual Top vBlog voting. This annual event has been going on since 2008, so 9 years!

This blog and the other non-vendor blog on which I blog, 24 x 7 IT Connection, have both made the cut. When I first saw that this blog made the list, I was a little surprised. I write A LOT, and apparently I blog a lot too. My technical product posts are always on the blog properties of my employer (for example the Spanning Blog). The posts I write for 24 x & IT Connection are high-level thought leadership in nature, and are usually related to topics I am researching for my employer.

The perception I have about my own blog is that I use it for personal projects, and not to much tech gets spoken here. But I went back and looked at my posts from last year, and I was pretty shocked! Out of the 42 posts I published (thank you #vDM30in30), 41% were technical or technical community related topics. Of course there were several posts about the election and Standing Rock….although the technical post I wrote about Standing Rock is on 24X7 IT Connection.

If you like what I write, consider voting!  But make sure to review all of the other bloggers on the list. This is one time of the year that I add in bulk to my RSS reader, there are so many people working out loud, and creating great content. We need that now more than ever as change in our field is more rapid than ever.

Here are some of the new blogs I’m reading because of this voting process:

I know a lot of people call this a “popularity contest”, and yeah maybe it is. Nevertheless, people work hawe all need supportrd and spend their free time and money and energy (sometimes fighting their employers) to create and share this great content with the world.

If you have an ethical issue with the voting, when not browse the list of blogs and try one of the ones you haven’t heard of before. Let’s support everyone’s efforts y’all.






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