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the new face of storage bloggers

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This week, Stephen Foskett’s Virtual Field Day (VFD4 to be exact) was in Austin. One thing I noticed right away is that I didn’t know most of the delegates. I think I upset some of them, but in all honestly … Continue reading

How I got my execs to start writing blogs

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One of my proudest accomplishments of the last few months is that I was able to assist my executives (in the Dell Data Protection group) to start blogging. So far half of them have published their posts, and the other … Continue reading

Stats about this blog from 2013 – aka what did y’all read?

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Here are the top 10 accessed posts from this blog in 2013 according to my hosting service. Quick analysis: The longtail effect is real: only two of my top read posts were from 2012, one was from 2009! Not sure … Continue reading

Media, message, medium – the importance of owning your stream

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I’m not going to have time to get into this as deeply as I’d like to – end of the year stuff at work, holidays, limited energy still (#blamethetruck), all that jazz…y’all know how things go. 🙂 But I need … Continue reading

Taking social back to information needs

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I’ve had a growing feeling of malaise over the current state of social media. Now that some of the necessary product content work has been set in motion, expect to see me become very active in social again. Not from … Continue reading

Use social media to make the world more connected

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I want to blog about this before I forget. Last night I went out and helped celebrate one of my orphan family sister’s birthday. It was awesome. If you do not have people in your life who are silly and … Continue reading

Social Media is bullshit

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I’ve been kicking this post around for several months, finally ready to write it. Before I begin, three things: Although I work for Dell, this post and in fact everything on this blog are my ideas and thoughts, not those … Continue reading

Is the world still changing?

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I wrote a post three years ago where I said that the world is changing in front of our eyes. In that post I talked about how Twitter was used during the Iran elections, how the traditional news media (especially … Continue reading

Back to the digital native issue…

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My friend Susan Beebe posted blog post responses to an earnest blog post written by a young professional who lamented that companies looking for social media managers require 5-10 years experience.Since the under 25 crew has grown up with Facebook … Continue reading

The engineer in me is starting to feel schizophrenic as a marketer

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If you follow me at all, you know I’m a technologist who practices social media full time as my job. But since social media is normally run by PR/Marketing departments, I now find myself now the lone engineer in the … Continue reading