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Tech news roundup week ending Nov 5, 2016

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When I first started blogging for work, I was at EMC. I actually started blogging internally first with weekly roundups of all the interesting blog posts, podcasts, and videos that I saw. Here’s one from 2010. I thought maybe I’d … Continue reading

Cloud Delivery Models

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I want to talk about this in depth later, but just I wanted to slap a quick post together to share this slide on cloud delivery models, and what those models mean to IT transformation. Here’s the question I *think* … Continue reading

The world of IT has already changed

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I wrote this 7 years ago: the world is changing right in front of our lives I wrote this post about corporate communications. The original post was about how the tech we use to communicate was changing our world. I wrote … Continue reading

Enterprise Cloud Summit @ Interop – Linking Private and Public Clouds

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These are my slightly edited session notes. The session was led by Margaret Dawson from Hubspan. The session started by showing slides from a 2005 prezi about access/firewalls/access based on trust models are already blurring If you are using a … Continue reading