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Tech news roundup week ending Nov 5, 2016

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When I first started blogging for work, I was at EMC. I actually started blogging internally first with weekly roundups of all the interesting blog posts, podcasts, and videos that I saw. Here’s one from 2010. I thought maybe I’d … Continue reading

Cloud Delivery Models

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I want to talk about this in depth later, but just I wanted to slap a quick post together to share this slide on cloud delivery models, and what those models mean to IT transformation. Here’s the question I *think* … Continue reading

The world of IT has already changed

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I wrote this 7 years ago: the world is changing right in front of our lives I wrote this post about corporate communications. The original post was about how the tech we use to communicate was changing our world. I wrote … Continue reading

Backing up to the cloud, let me count the ways – Part 1: Definitons

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I’m doing some market research for AppAssure, as well as planning for a Microsoft-sponsored webinar on how AppAssure can send archives directly to Azure. As well as about a half a dozen other projects, that’s just how product marketers roll. … Continue reading

A different economic model to consider – more post Cloud 2020 musings

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In my last post, I talked about how important it is to have a diverse discussion when we are discussing the future cloud. A truly diverse discussion can only happen when the environment is such that all the questions are … Continue reading

Do you have to think about backups if you are “doing” big data or cloud?

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This is something I’ve started talking about quite a bit internally. How much of the old do we need to know/think about to do the new technologies? That’s one of the reasons I really liked this post by Mark Farley. … Continue reading

More on the dangers of mis-communicating about “the cloud”

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Yesterday I wrote about  how “cloud” is just the next stage in technology in the data center, not some mystical level of enlightenment to which all techies must attain. My post was definitely written for the people who make technology … Continue reading

The dirty secret about cloud – it’s not earthshattering new stuff

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I don’t know why I feel compelled to write this. And I don’t think I’m the only one thinking about this. Hendrik Volkmer published a great post this week entitled “There will be no reliable cloud (part 1)“. He talks … Continue reading

Stop the “devops” madness, defeat cloudwashing, move the industry forward

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I’m trying to post weekly about things I’m doing as I come up to speed on Ceph. As I continue to develop training and come up to speed, one thing that is glaringly obvious (to me anyways) is the need … Continue reading

Remembering Interop 2012

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Last week I attended Interop in Las Vegas. Interop hass traditionally been a networking show. For Dell, our Networking group organized our participation at the show. But this year, there was a definite storage presence (there was even a storage … Continue reading