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Achievement unlocked: I’ve been named to the EMC Elect 2016

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I started my technical community building journey when I worked at EMC. I worked in the Ed Services organization building training courses and certification tests, and then I started running the Proven Professional community (and helped start the social media … Continue reading

It is October – time for a new topic in Backup.U

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It’s October, probably my favorite month of the year. My birthday kicks the month off, the weather starts to get cooler, and I love fall foods. Pumpkins NOM! 🙂 Also, it is time for a new topic in Backup.U. Last … Continue reading

Why *did* I come back to Dell?

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I keep getting asked….why did you come back to Dell? People say – weren’t you at the cool new cloud startup? Why are you back at a boring old big technology company? First of all, for lots of reasons I … Continue reading

My hiatus ends Jan 21, I’m going back to Dell

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I’m writing this because I’m stuck. I had a great break…I left Inktank back in early December. It ended up being a very bad fit for me, and I was lucky enough to have enough of a cushion financially to … Continue reading

The engineer in me is starting to feel schizophrenic as a marketer

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If you follow me at all, you know I’m a technologist who practices social media full time as my job. But since social media is normally run by PR/Marketing departments, I now find myself now the lone engineer in the … Continue reading

Symantec Vision Session: Winning with Dell Storage + Symantec

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Note: This is my (almost) live blog from yesterday’s session with Andrew Corcoran & Ed Casmer. Traditional dcs are too rigid for evolving biz needs IT has too spend most of the $$ supporting existing infrastructure, not expanding to new … Continue reading

Symantec Vision Session: Dell Storage and Symantec enable the full benefits of server virtualization

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Note: these are my (mostly) unedited session notes. The session focused on backup best practices for virtualization. Other live blogs from VISION can be found here and here. 70-90% of backups are not restorable Backup windows are huge Virtualization makes … Continue reading

Live blog – from the Symantec Vision keynote

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Note: this is as close to live blog as I could get … I couldn’t get on the wireless and then I realized I left my adapter in the hotel room. This is my first time covering a conference in … Continue reading

v0dgeball – get ready for the Cloudbunnies!

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We’ve heard from some of the other teams (EMC vSpecialists, XaaS Badgers) and some of the fans (@sthulin, @mjbrender). Now it’s time to hear from the only vendor neutral v0dgeball  team at VMworld this year: the Cloudbunnies. Who are we? … Continue reading

You can help shape Dell storage product features

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Are you an EqualLogic customer? Do any of the following statements sound like you? You have “hands-on” storage responsibilities within vCenter. You back up VMs, create snapshots, set up replication, create datastores, or other storage tasks from within vCenter. You … Continue reading