Springtime means new beginnings

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I’m sitting in the airport in Panama City Beach, after a really energizing weekend back home to the redneck riviera. My flight is delayed because the Houston airport has called a ground stop due to a bad line of thunderstorms.

Those storms are a sure sign of spring on the Gulf Coast. Spring is awesome, all the plants start to wake up again, the birds and the squirrels are crazy in love, and we can get back to just wearing flip flops everyplace.

This spring is also bringing change to me in another exciting way. Tomorrow, I’m starting as  PMM (product marketing manager) at VMware. I’m going to be concentrating on vSphere, and more specifically helping figure out how to help Dell sell more vSphere!

If you’re trying keeping track, this has been my career path:

  • EMC: Tech trainer right out of college, then a technical training developer, blogger, and community manager.
  • Dell: I built the Dell Storage community from the EqualLogic, Compellent, and Dell communities. Then I was the PMM for AppAssure.
  • EMC: PMM for Spanning Backup
  • VMware

What can I say? I can’t keep away from the family. Planning to stick around for a bit….can’t wait to start working with old friends again, and excited about making new ones. I think this role is the perfect role to work more on my personal motto, and I can’t wait to get started!



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  1. Ed says:

    Congrats on the new gig.

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