My hiatus ends Jan 21, I’m going back to Dell

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I’m writing this because I’m stuck.

I had a great break…I left Inktank back in early December. It ended up being a very bad fit for me, and I was lucky enough to have enough of a cushion financially to take a break. I also had already been working on this position for a few weeks before I left Inktank…

So I took the first break I’ve ever taken in my life. It was weird. I have worked….and worked my ass off….since I was 14. I spent time with my grown kids, with my friends. But more importantly with myself.

It has been very good.

But now I’m antsy. Ready to get back to business. And there is lots of business to get to.

I’m going back to Dell, and into the software division. Working with other folks who believe that everything is connected. Much more on this soon, but right now I will be concentrating on the AppAssure product.

I have lots of other side projects popping up. Happily, I’ve been able to share some of them with others in the storage community. And I’m going to start harping of this idea again, the storage community isn’t just one company. I don’t care where you work, we are part of the same guild…it transcends the colors we wear in order to earn our paychecks and provide for our families.

I digress. One of the biggest side things I am working on is trying to figure out how to enable the people whose voices who should be heard learn to use social so they *can* be heard. Old school community building. Giving them the power to be heard over the din of the echo chamber.

In line with that, I am going to start writing about the relationship between colonialism, industrialization, and the cloud. That should be fun.

I still want to try to segment my RSS feeds so you don’t have to get everything. Will try to get to that before hiatus is over.

I am so thankful for all of the lessons of 2012. I’m still working through some of them, but I’m feeling good! Looking forward to lots of interesting conversations in 2013. 🙂

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  1. Rob Koper says:

    Nice reading stuff, Gina!

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