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What *is* AppAssure? (re-post from the Dell Tech Center)

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I originally posted this on the Dell Tech Center, but decided it to re-blog it here, freshen up the content a little, and use it as the base for some other technical backup and recovery blog posts I’d like to … Continue reading

Getting back to basics – as a vendor employee who blogs

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I’ve read the Storagebod blog for as long as it’s been around. Today Martin wrote an anniversary post, and it is very good – go read it! In the post he reminisces about the good ole days of vendor blogging, … Continue reading

What I’m up to these days

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I’ve been back at Dell almost one full quarter. And WOW is this place busy. So, thought I’d provide an update as to what I’m up to and where I’m going. I stepped into a new role: Product Marketing Manager … Continue reading

Why *did* I come back to Dell?

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I keep getting asked….why did you come back to Dell? People say – weren’t you at the cool new cloud startup? Why are you back at a boring old big technology company? First of all, for lots of reasons I … Continue reading

My hiatus ends Jan 21, I’m going back to Dell

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I’m writing this because I’m stuck. I had a great break…I left Inktank back in early December. It ended up being a very bad fit for me, and I was lucky enough to have enough of a cushion financially to … Continue reading