It is October – time for a new topic in Backup.U

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It’s October, probably my favorite month of the year. My birthday kicks the month off, the weather starts to get cooler, and I love fall foods. Pumpkins NOM! 🙂

Also, it is time for a new topic in Backup.U. Last month was our kickoff month, and we started off on the topic of backup fundamentals. Go to this document in the Dell Data Protection community for links to all of our recorded content. In our live events, we talked about looking at your backup strategy with your customers in mind. For example, how did you set your RPOs and RTOs. Taking a step back – y’all all have RPOs and RTOs right? Did you talk to the stakeholders in your business about what you are able to back up, how fast you’ll be able to recover it, and the potential gaps in data based on how often you back up? What do they need you to concentrate on?

We also have worksheet in the community you can download to help you get started, if that’s where you are at. Do you have worksheets or aides that you currently need? Would love to hear about those!

On to October. This month, we are going to shift to talking about things you need to know when you start to back up applications. To make this post readable, when I say “back up” I mean everything that goes with that – backing up the data, restoring, preparing and tackling disaster scenarios. If you have been working with your internal stakeholders, you should have a list of what applications are important to your business. Now your job is to make sure you protect that data.

We want to open up that conversation this month! Here’s what we have planned:

Webinar (led by Greg Schulz)

  • Tues, October 8. 10AM PT/1PM ET
  • Register here
  • Here’s what we plan to cover:
    • The different needs, focus, and requirements of common applications such as big data, little data, big fast data, email, NAS, and other file sharing.
    • Things to keep in mind when working with the individuals who are responsible for the applications that need to be protected in your environment.
    • Considerations for applications that are hosted in virtual environments.

Google+ Hangout (led by myself and Greg)

We did this in September, and it man was it fun. We had a few people drop in, we’d really like to see all of you! The direction interaction was fantastic. I’ll update this post with more details after we do the webinar.

  • Tues, Oct 24. 9AM PT/11AM ET
    We picked this time to try and connect with y’all in Europe – let us know if there is a better time!
  • We’ll post the link and objectives soon! In the meantime, if you have never attended a Google+ Hangout, check out this presentation so you’ll be ready to join us!

Content links on the Dell Tech Center

We’ve added lots of content links on Dell Tech Center – do you have suggestions for others? Remember, we are doing our best to keep this technology focused (not backup/recovery product focused).

Join the conversation!

  • We created a Backup.U community, come ask your questions! This is the time to ask ANY question – nothing is too basic! If you don’t understand it, let’s talk about it!
  • Shout out on Twitter, use the hashtag #BackupU

We’re hoping to hear from y’all, and see you at our live events!

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