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If the world is changing, why am I studying about the guys that sent us down the wrong path?

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Weird blog post title right? I’m taking two performance courses this semester. In one of the courses we are studying the origins of Human Performance Technology (HPT). I’ve been blogging that homework (see here , here, and here). As I’ve … Continue reading

Busy! And the start of a new semester

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I delivered a beta class last week, and I have been totally consumed with that activity. So sorry about the lack of posting! The fall semester also started last week. This semester I am taking Introduction to Systematic Instructional Design. … Continue reading

Technical Aptitude, the Digital Divide, and Learning 2.0

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This post has been bubbling in my brain for about two weeks. Our group finally turned in our midterm project, so I have a little time to get these thoughts out of my head. Before I start let me say … Continue reading


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This week in class we are talking more about CSCL – Computer Supported Collaborative Learning. So far, I am a little perplexed. I need to go through the readings AGAIN. Unfortunately we are out of printer ink, so I may … Continue reading

My book came yesterday

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The class I am taking for the summer semester is “Designing Collaborative Online Learning”. The book we were assigned is Cooperative Learning in the Classroom (but there are three pages of articles to read!) My adviser is the instructor. The … Continue reading

Class starts Monday – Vacation starts a week from today

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I ordered my book, still don’t see the class in Blackboard. It’s going to be a great class — I can’t wait. Two colleagues and I are creating an learning 2.0 entry for my company’s Innovation Conference. Innovation is not … Continue reading

Working on my portfolio

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For now I am just making the required pages, and gathering the requirements. I have to figure out how I want to display things. Also, since alot of what I have done I have done for work, I need to … Continue reading

Grades are in

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I got an A in both classes. I made two dumb, dumb mistakes in one of my final papers. I hate that. But I still got an A. Yay! I still have my 4.0. I know as an educator I … Continue reading

What would you like to do better as a Learning Professional?

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Since finals are over, I thought I would take the opportunity to participate in question of the month on The Learning Circuits Blog. I’d like to understand my audiences better. I’d like to be able to spend more time on … Continue reading

Coursework this semester (Spring 08)

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Introduction to Instructional Systems This course has helped me understand my department at work in much greater detail. We definitely use a system approach to designing instruction. The assignments in this course have forced me to do to a deep-dive … Continue reading