Busy! And the start of a new semester

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I delivered a beta class last week, and I have been totally consumed with that activity. So sorry about the lack of posting!

The fall semester also started last week. This semester I am taking Introduction to Systematic Instructional Design. My organization (Education Services @ EMC) actually does a very good job with this, so the readings so far have been reinforcement of what I do at work.

However, this project I am doing is a little weird (developing training for a new rev of a new acquisition’s software), so there are lots of places to note where the system we have may need a few tweaks. Right now I am at the place where politics meet instructional design (it’s a scary place!).

We are reading Dick & Carey’s book The Systematic Design of Instruction. I have to design a 30-minute self paced course for the class project, and it can’t be one on configuring software. Rats! So far my ideas are:

  • Teaching parents to text (part of an idea for a seminar on using technology to help aspie teenagers)
  • Evaluating online information (doable, but my objectives will have to be rock-solid

That’s all I have. Any suggestions?

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  1. Hey Gina,
    Do you just want ideas for anything that may be good for self paced and 30min or do you want it for a particular audience and subject area? Here are a few:
    •Using Word 2007 Picture Tools to make images more appealing…maybe create a flyer
    •If you are in to foreign languages you could do a basic introduction to the language
    •Poetry: examine poetic devices: Metaphor, simile, personification etc.

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