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July’s Big Question: New Skills for Learning Professionals

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July’s big question is very timely for me! Here is the question: In a Learning 2.0 world, where learning and performance solutions take on a wider variety of forms and where churn happens at a much more rapid pace, what … Continue reading

Lessons I learned from my summer class

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If you follow me on twitter, you are probably very well aware of my rough ride in my summer class. So, my final paper has been handed in, and I have been mulling over what I can take away from … Continue reading

Learning 2.0, should you do small wins, or wait till it’s “cooked”?

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Tony Karrer suggests going for the small wins, specifically by taking the following steps: “implement a small Wiki that has performance support materials that goes along with your eLearning on that new software application at first have it only editable … Continue reading

Technical Aptitude, the Digital Divide, and Learning 2.0

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This post has been bubbling in my brain for about two weeks. Our group finally turned in our midterm project, so I have a little time to get these thoughts out of my head. Before I start let me say … Continue reading

Costs to Learning 2.0

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I started writing this as a comment to a post on the Silence and Voice blog. That post is about where are all these users who are supposedly chomping at the bit to use Web 2.0 in educational settings? My … Continue reading

Corporate learning and Learning 2.0

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There is a post out there right now about Edupunk, and how they are upset that corporate LMSs. The comment that caught my eye: “My bias has been for a long time that an LMS is sold by and sold … Continue reading