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This week in class we are talking more about CSCL – Computer Supported Collaborative Learning. So far, I am a little perplexed. I need to go through the readings AGAIN. Unfortunately we are out of printer ink, so I may put in another plea to go buy a new printer tonight.

This week we are covering Concept and Knowledge Maps, scaffolding,  using Excel to make a concept map, and explaining academic tasks to students.

One thing that is cool is we are going to learn about tools that can be used to analyze, catagorize and explain information we gather as a collective team. So far, both weeks this semester have had assignments that include using a wiki. We are going to learn how to use my advisor’s software.

The one thing I am having difficulty with is mapping the activities in our class to corporate training as opposed to classroom education (either K-12 or higher ed).

This class is going to be alot tougher than I thought.

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