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End of the world notes – from Dell World

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Yes, 12-12-12 is actually “the end of the world” that the Mayans foretold. If you are interested in the end of the world, and the start of the new world on 12/21, check out this post. But basically if you believe the … Continue reading

Updates from the land of the cephalopods…

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I’d thought do a bit of an update post on what I’m up to at work. I’ve discovered that when you are doing training for a startup, you do *all* the training. So far I’ve done lots of instructional analysis … Continue reading

From the Xen Summit – Block Storage For VMs With Ceph

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These  are my live notes from Sage Weil‘s presentation at Xen Summit on Block Storage for VMs with Ceph. I typed as fast as I could! 🙂 why care about another storage system? requirements: orgs have diverse storage needs time: … Continue reading

Good things on the horizon – courtesy of Inktank

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All good things must come to an end they say. And for me, one of those things ended last Friday…..which was my last day at Dell. I had a great experience at Dell. I was there to see them launch … Continue reading