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I had to run to my room to find some bandwidth, and I’m taking a page out of @cammybean’s conference experience page and posting notes I took during a couple of sessions at this morning’s Enterprise Cloud Summit.

Alistair Croll of Bitcurrent had a fantastic presentation about Ten Cloud Computing Fundamentals. Here are my raw notes from that presentation:

10 cloud computing fundamentals

1. Machines are free
2. Extreme horizontal scaling
ability to write software for massive scalability
3. DR is built in
4. Design for failure
5. Eventual consistency
we are used to designing for locking down the data
you can have all the user experience you can afford
6. Everything must be automatic
7. The end of perimeters
workload carries its own protection
8. Data gets granular
rbac access to data at the cell level
dev codes data, infra, and app all at once
data – who can see what when where
infra – how it expands/shrinks/heals itself
application – biz dev
9. Clouds have surface tension
10. Analytics will replace ROI
cloudy it after the fact justification
Deploy app (machines are free!)
analyze the biz impact
justify further funding/growth

The next presentation was entitled Beyond virtual machines: Scaling PaaS bt Tom Mornini of Engine Yard. I was hooked after the first slide:

I loved the tone – that you should set your developers free but don’t let them loose. In other words, don’t reinvent the wheel of process and discipline (and lessons learned) from the IT OPs side.

I also got to see the Dell booth – its almost all set up! The show is huge. More later!

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